Atlas-SSI has developed a best-in-class environmental bucket for use in maintenance dredging, giving you the confidence you need to operate efficiently and optimally without the worries associated with inferior solutions.

Our solution is multipurpose, lightweight and offers underwater accuracy and control without drift commonly found when using non-rigid arm dredging buckets.

In addition, our solution’s long reach allows it to provide a relatively smooth and level cut, avoiding time waste and disposal costs associated with dredging excess material.

Our new design is excellent for environmental material handling operations, delivering a long reach, a large footprint and custom design capable of handling any demand and size requirements.


  • Greater digging force compared to non-rigid arm design
  • Relatively flat cut
  • Bucket stability, eliminating challenges brought on by drifting
  • Large footprint
  • Lightweight design


  • Sealed lips to eliminate leaking, which is particularly useful in applications featuring dredging of contaminated products
  • Exhaust vents that help reduce drifting