Simple, reliable, and durable solutions to optimize the performance of your cooling tower

Vari-flow cooling tower valves allow your facility to efficiently control and regulate water flow throughout your cooling tower system.

We offer several types and sizes of valves for different flow capacities, piping sizes, temperatures, and pressures.

The simple mechanical design and durable protective coating of our valves allow your cooling towers to operate at peak performance and efficiency.

cooling tower valve


  • Effectively regulates water flow
  • Simple design
  • Heavy-duty
  • Wide range of types and sizes
  • Reduce maintenance requirements


  • Enhances tower cooling performance
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Lowers water and energy consumption operating costs associated
  • Helps to maintain safe water pressure and temperatures
  • ATLAS proudly manufactures all of our cooling tower valves in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions About Cooling Tower Valves

How can Vari-flow cooling tower isolation valves increase cooling tower lifespan?

You can reduce the amount of tower wear and tear over time by properly controlling the water flow rate with an appropriately-designed valve.

Do Vari-flow cooling tower valves require regular maintenance?

We designed our cooling tower valves to be maintenance-free thanks to the stainless steel and plastic bushings that do not require greasing or maintenance.

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