We offer the industry’s most complete line of trash rakes, including mechanical rotating bar screen rakes and overhead monorail rakes.

Trash rakes are a critical part of your first line of defense for a raw water intake system, so understanding your unique demands is paramount in selecting the right design. Each rake is fabricated specifically for each application and the components are available in coated carbon steel, hot dipped galvanized, and 304 or 316 stainless steel. 

Our electric motors and speed reducers are designed and sized for the application, are rated for heavy-duty outdoor use and are made to withstand all weather conditions.

Typical application sites include:

  • Power plants
  • Hydro-electric plants
  • Storm water pumping stations
  • Irrigation districts
  • Municipal water filtration and wastewater treatment plants
trash rakes

– Gator Rake shown above. Download the Gator Rake brochure

The ATLAS-SSI Landy Rake boasts one of the largest installation lists in the industry, with over 800 worldwide. The unique design cleans as it descends, resulting in more effective cleaning, then carries the debris directly to the dump site with no conveyors required. This rake system can be installed in new installations or retrofit to existing sites.

Landy Rake

– Landy Rake shown above. Download the Landy Rake brochure

Our system is also designed for unmanned operation utilizing our SmartScreen® Technology. The control package can include ultrasonic differential level indicators, automatic timers and local, manual override. We also offer rotating mechanical bar rakes that are engineered for reliability and heavy-debris events, this raking system can be designed specifically for flood control pumping stations or other applications where they must perform in the harshest of conditions. 

The rake features easily removable non-metallic, toothed blades that are mounted to the carrier chain and guided by sprockets and rollers designed to reduce dragging and wear to the blades and bars. 

Our rakes are proven, performance-tested and backed by our factory trained field service technicians and ATLAS-SSI also offers installation, service, inspections, maintenance contracts and emergency field repair.