ATLAS-SSI is the exclusive dealer for Seram cranes in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We also offer parts and on-site service for all makes and models.

Discover the heart of Seram technology and enjoy the unique advantages in profitability and efficiency that Seram has been bringing forward for over 40 years. While also answering today’s environmental concerns by utilizing an electrically driven crane.

The benefits of a Seram solution include:

Answering environmental concerns with an electric driven crane:

  • No exhaust released into the atmosphere
  • No internal combustion engine oils, lubricants or coolants to manage
  • Lower energy consumption through the unique equilibrium design (balanced boom)
  • Noise reduction


Lowering cost of ownership with electric driven & balanced boom operation:

  • Electric vs. diesel results in a lower cost of energy
  • Balanced boom leads to reduction in structural stress
  • Balanced boom requires only enough energy to lift the load, not the boom/load combination
  • Up to 50% of a conventional electric crane
  • Up to 80% of a diesel conventional crane
  • Hydraulic cylinders are identical and interchangeable with rod design cast of one piece


Increasing your solution’s life cycle with exceptional lifetime and reliability of components:

  • Balanced booms result in a major portion of the weight being directly over the center of the crane, reducing structural stress
  • High-pressure hydraulic system operates at a reduced operational pressure (420 bar design operating at an average of 180 bar)
  • Hydraulic unit equipped with “load sensing” distributor and variable flow pumps
  • Increased service life of hydraulic system components
  • Low noise level
  • Reduction in hydraulic oil temperature rise


Increased productivity:

  • Electric-driven prime motor
  • Reduced downtime due to no internal combustion engine maintenance
  • Balanced boom reduces structural stress and fatigue, greatly increasing the life cycle while reducing operational downtime


Wide selection of supports for the crane:

  • Fixed pedestal – where the base is anchored to a concrete foundation
  • Free standing – which has no anchoring at the base, facilitating relocation
  • Trolley – which is rail-mounted for lateral movement
  • Gantry – which is rail-mounted for lateral movement while allowing transportation equipment to pass under the crane
  • Crawler – providing total autonomy of the crane through diesel power while operating under electric power
  • Barge – offering marine mobility and an economical alternative to construction of a dock