Atlas-SSI is the largest full-service traveling water screen manufacturer in North America.

We’ll provide your facility with comprehensive engineering, manufacturing, and installation capabilities for new water intake screens and rebuilds.

Our service teams offer nationwide coverage with certified commercial divers specializing in raw water intakes, services, and related equipment.



Minimize ecological impact and reduce maintenance issues with a customized traveling water screen.


Our in-house, highly trained crews will travel to your site to perform a wide range of maintenance and repair jobs.


We can rebuild your existing water screen. This cost-effective method will help prevent unplanned outages due to a broken screen.


With over 800 installations worldwide, the Landy trash rake offers clean water, screen design flexibility, and cleaning efficiency.


We designed our customized ATLAS-SSI bar racks to stop bulkier and heavier materials from making their way downstream.


From bearings to spray nozzles and everything in between, we carry the largest inventory of exact-replacement parts—regardless of manufacturer.


Protect your downstream equipment from accumulated debris with our stationary raw water screening solutions.


ATLAS-SSI stop logs are designed with safety and reliability in mind. They offer ease of installation and removal.


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Benefits of Atlas SSI Raw Water Intake Screen Solutions

ATLAS-SSI has over 50 years of industry experience that allows us to create, maintain, and rebuild many different types of raw water intake screens.

  • Regardless of the piece, part, or manufacturer—we can fabricate a high-quality, stainless steel or other material replacement that adheres to the original specifications.
  • Our ATLAS-SSI SmartScreen® Technology helps increase automation and reduces reliability on human beings. It reacts proactively and predictively to real-time situations.
  • We lab and field-test our products for performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raw Water Intake Screen Solutions

ATLAS-SSI field service crews offer nationwide emergency service and are staffed by factory trained water screen technicians and certified commercial divers, giving us the ability to handle virtually any project need.

Absolutely! From concept, to design, to manufacturing, to installation, our engineers are “hands-on” and work alongside the customer to develop a screening solution that addresses your every need.

We have installed hundreds of screens over the decades. Our factory-trained field service team will arrive at your site completely prepared with all tools, rigging, and necessary dive equipment to handle the installation or removal of a raw water intake system and related equipment.

Yes, we understand the need to maintain consistency across your entire intake. Our manufactured parts will be directly interchangeable with all of your existing equipment.

Our new equipment will be engineered and manufactured to fit into the existing screen well without any modifications to the intake.

Yes, a new ATLAS SSI screen will accept the power supply and functional controls you already have in place. We also offer the option to upgrade your control package utilizing our SmartScreen technology®

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