For over 50 years, the ATLAS-SSI team has been partnering with power generators and municipal water treatment plants to provide the most reliable and cost-effective raw water intake solutions.

From new water intake screens, to water intake screen rebuilds that offer factory warranties, and an extensive parts and ancillary equipment inventory, ATLAS-SSI is the right partner to provide solutions faster and help you minimize your system downtime.

New Screen

Our significant advantage is that we design and manufacture all our water intake screens in the United States and have the capability to rebuild any make or model of traveling water screens at our facilities.  In emergency situations, our manufacturing expertise can also replicate parts to original specifications.  

Safety is our number one priority – from our plant to your job site. Our field service and installation team supervisors are OSHA 30 compliant and abide by all industry recognized safety regulations.  


ATLAS-SSI Screen Solutions:
    • SmartScreen® Technology – A unique approach that optimizes operations, performance while extending the life of the water intake screen using real-time analytics on screen performance.   
    • New Water Intake Screens – No matter what your facility’s water intake needs – debris removal, fish handling, heavy duty, continuous running – we can design a build a screen to meet your demands.
    • Rebuild Screens – We have the capability to rebuild any make or model of screen back to its original specifications using exact replacement parts and offering a new screen warranty to protect your asset.
    • 316(b) Fish Handling – We are one of the largest manufacturers of new 316(b) compliant screens and we can also convert your existing screen to meet 316(b) compliance regulations.
    • Aftermarket Parts – We manufacture replacement parts to original specifications for any make or model of water screen and all manufacturing is done in-house which results in the short lead-times.
    • Onsite Service – Our field crews are staffed by factory trained screen technicians and certified commercial divers to handle virtually any project need, including turnkey removal and installations, on-site repairs and maintenance.
    • Trash Rakes – We offer a variety of proven trash rake designs to meet your site conditions, including rotating bar screen style rakes and overhead monorail style.
    • Bar Racks / Stationary Screens / Stop Logs – We offer customized manufacturing for new and retrofit projects.
    • Ancillary Equipment – We offer additional equipment options that enable you to optimize and improve system performance, including controls, spray wash pumps, strainers, and instrumentation.
    • Thru Flow – We can design and manufacture a thru-flow screen to meet your intake screening needs. The thru-flow screen is the most common type of traveling water screen and comes in a two-post or four-post design. Both have been engineered to provide superior performance while requiring low maintenance.
    • Dual Flow – We manufacture “zero-carryover,” dual-flow screens and Dual-Flow Conversion Screens that are built to last. The dual-flow design is positioned parallel with the water flow, which means no debris can “carry over.”