Our state-of-the-art manufacturing sites offer over 250,000 square feet of combined space and have produced a wide range of buckets sized from ¼ to over 60 yards. Our engineers use only the latest CAD software programs linked to some of the most high-tech machining and fabrication equipment available.

Put simply, we strive to build the best bucket at the most affordable price, using the latest technology and leveraging the most experienced staff in the industry.

We offer a complete product line that includes single-line, two-rope, three-rope and four-rope cable operated buckets, as well as hydraulic buckets and continuous unloader buckets.

Bucket Solutions:

  • Continuous Unloader Buckets
  • Round Nose Dredging Bucket
  • 4-Rope Clamshell Buckets
  • 3-Rope Clamshell Buckets
  • 2-Rope Clamshell Buckets
  • Environmental Dredging Buckets
  • Single Line Buckets
  • Hydraulic Clamshell Buckets