ATLAS-SSI manufactures “zero-carryover,” Dual-Flow Screens and Dual-Flow Conversion Screens that are built to last.

ATLAS-SSI Dual Flow traveling water screens are heavy-duty and require very little maintenance. They provide clean and debris-free water while minimizing marine life impacts.

The dual-flow design is positioned parallel with the water flow, which means no debris can “carry over.” The roll around lower section requires no sprockets or shafts, thereby reducing maintenance and eliminating issues that may arise from having rotating parts below the water’s surface.

Dual flow


  • Heavy-duty
  • Low maintenance
  • SmartScreen Technology® interface
  • Dual-Flow design
  • No debris carryover
  • Clean water


  • We don’t sub out the work—ATLAS manufactures all of our screens at our facility in the U.S.
  • 316(b) Compliant (with optional Ristroph fish handling collection basket assembly)
  • ATLAS-SSI tech is fully accepted by the EPA. There’s no need to undergo further compliance testing
  • Our technicians and certified diving crews can travel all over the U.S. for service
  • We’re a one-stop-shop and can service all of your needs—including manufacturing replacement parts for any type of screen (even our competitor’s equipment) or factory rebuilds of existing equipment
  • We off a total package solution and our delivery times are some of the shortest in the industry

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Flow Screens

What are the material options for ATLAS Dual Flow Screens?

We can manufacture dual flow screens out of carbon steel coated with immersion-rated epoxy or stainless steel.

What basket options does ATLAS offer?

We offer baskets that meet 316(b) and manufacture them out of coated carbon steel, stainless steel, or pultruded fiberglass.

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