Traveling Water Screens

Atlas-SSI traveling water screens will help reduce maintenance issues, minimize ecological impact, and provide debri-free clean water.

ATLAS-SSI is the right partner to provide faster solutions and help you reduce your system downtime. We can custom-manufacture new water intake screens, water intake screen rebuilds that offer factory warranties, and carry extensive parts and ancillary equipment inventory.

For over 50 years, the ATLAS-SSI team has partnered with power generators and municipal water treatment plants to provide the most reliable and cost-effective raw water intake solutions. Safety is our number one priority – from our plant to your job site. Our field service and installation team supervisors are OSHA 30 compliant and abide by all industry-recognized safety regulations.

We design and manufacture all our Atlas traveling water screens right here in the U.S. and have the capability to rebuild any make or model of traveling water screens at our facilities. We can also pull from our manufacturing expertise to replicate parts to original specifications for emergency situations.

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Dual Flow

We build our heavy-duty ATLAS-SSI screens for high performance and low maintenance. You can add a Ristroph fish collection basket assembly to comply with 316(b) fish handling regulations. Choose from stainless steel or carbon steel coated with an immersion-rated epoxy.

Thru Flow

Our Thru-Flow screen comes in a two or four-post design and is one of the most common types of traveling water screens. We engineer them to offer high performance, low maintenance, and an optional 24-hour operation. Construction options include stainless steel, non-metallic, and coated carbon steel that can withstand the toughest of environmental conditions.

EPA 316(b) Compliant Fish Handling Water Screens

Our Modified Ristroph Fish Handling Traveling Water screens have passed both lab and field tests and reflect “Best Technology Available” (BTA). With over 30 years of fish handling bucket manufacturing experience, we preemptively address potential maintenance issues and operational demands with our 316(b) fish-friendly custom designs.

SmartScreen Technology® Digital Wastewater Management

A Human Interface Module interfaces with a control logic panel and offers a wide range of features such as a user-friendly interface, advanced control options, and coordination between customer DCS and screens. Our SmartScreen Technology®  can help your plant achieve reliability and mechanical optimization that will enable you to become and remain in compliance with 316(b).

Benefits of Atlas SSI Screens

Over 50 years of industry experience has allowed us to create screens that require very little maintenance while operating at high-performance levels.

  • Our manufacturing prowess is where we shine—no matter the part or piece, we can replicate a high-quality replacement that adheres to its original specifications.
  • Our products and designs are lab-tested, field-proven, and unparalleled reliability and performance.
  • ATLAS-SSI SmartScreen Technology® allows for increased automation with less human input. It will provide predictive and proactive actions versus reactions to current situations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling Water Screens

Can you convert my existing screen to meet 316(b) compliance regulations?

We’re one of the largest manufacturers of new 316(b) compliant screens and can convert your existing screen so that it’s in full compliance with the regulations.

My facility has unique water intake needs and needs a custom screen—can you help?

Yes! Regardless of your requirements (debris removal, fish handling, heavy-duty, continuous running), we’ll custom-manfacture a screen that meets your needs.

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