ATLAS-SSI manufactures “zero-carryover,” Dual-Flow Screens and Dual-Flow Conversion Screens that are built to last.

We leverage our combined 250+ years of screen experience and know-how to design a robust dual-flow screen that can handle any application. 

The dual-flow design is positioned parallel with the water flow, which means no debris can “carry over.” The roll around lower section requires no sprockets or shafts, reducing maintenance and eliminating issues that may arise from having rotating parts below the water’s surface.

ATLAS-SSI also manufactures dual-flow conversion screens designed to fit directly into your existing thru-flow well without any civil modifications. 

The dual-flow screens also feature no carryover and a roll around lower section.

Dual flow

ATLAS-SSI screens are heavy duty and built with low maintenance in mind. Our screens can be equipped with Ristroph fish collection basket assemblies for compliance with 316(b) fish handling regulations.  

We also offer new control packages with our exclusive SmartScreen® Technology that feature a touch screen interface and variable frequency drives. 

The dual-flow screens can be fabricated from carbon steel and coated with immersion rated epoxy or made from stainless steel. 

Basket options include coated carbon steel, stainless steel and pultruded fiberglass.  

Our fiberglass fish handling baskets perform as well as metal baskets, but are 35% lighter, reducing wear on drive components.