ATLAS-SSI is the largest rebuilder of traveling water screens in North America. We have rebuilt more screens than all of our competitors combined.

ATLAS-SSI works on all makes and models of traveling water screens and can upgrade them to meet 316(b) standards.

Rebuilding an existing water screen is often the most cost-effective alternative to buying a brand-new, exact-replacement screen.

A rebuild will allow you to schedule your maintenance during planned outages rather than making costly repairs at the worst possible time—during an emergency.

Our factory rebuild program focuses on the screen replacement parts and areas that typically receive the most wear. We back that up with the same 18-month warranty that comes with our new screens.

The rebuild begins once your screen arrives at our facility, where we completely disassemble and sandblast it to the bare metal. Our technical design team will inspect the entire screen and prepare a detailed report outlining its condition and any necessary repairs.

After we’ve rebuilt the main frame and sub-assemblies, we coat the whole screen and its parts with immersion-service-rated epoxy paint.

We then reassemble the screen and perform quality assurance tests before completion and re-installation at your site.

316(b) Options:

We can also take your existing screen and upgrade it to “fish ready” or “fish handling.”

  • Fish Ready: We upgrade your screen components to a level that minimizes the upgrades required for compliance.
  • Fish Handling: We will make your screen fully fish handling and ready for 316(b) compliance. This option includes modified Ristroph baskets, an extended head section, and a fish-return system.


  • Heavy-duty
  • High-quality and professional rebuild
  • Immersion-service-rated epoxy paint
  • 18-month warranty


  • Performing preventative maintenance prevents unscheduled future downtime.
  • More cost-effective than purchasing a new screen.
  • The EPA fully accepts ATLAS-SSI tech. No need for further testing.
  • 316(b) Compliant (with optional Ristroph fish handling collection basket assembly)
  • In addition to factory rebuilds, we can manufacture replacement parts (even for our competitor’s equipment).
  • We have some of the industry’s shortest delivery and lead times.
  • Work can be done on-site or in our factory.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Screen Rebuilds

What kind of analysis do you perform on the existing condition of our water screen?

Our technical design team will inspect it thoroughly and prepare a detailed report with video analysis of the inspection. It will list the current condition along with any recommended repairs.

Can you add a 316(b) fish basket to our existing water screen?

Yes, we can take your existing water screen and add an optional 316(b) Compliant Ristroph fish handling collection basket assembly. We can make the basket out of coated carbon steel, stainless steel, or pultruded fiberglass.

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