ATLAS-SSI stop logs are an essential component for your intake system.

Whenever you need to isolate an intake channel or de-water an inlet well for inspection or maintenance, our custom-engineered stop logs are the industry’s premier solution.

Designed by prioritizing safety and reliability, our stop logs offer ease of installation and removal. When required we offer specially designed seals to ensure proper sealing and are available for single or dual direction use and the modules can be stacked as needed to extend above the highest water levels.

stop logs

Our modular, welded-steel stop logs are available in carbon steel coated with an immersion rated epoxy or in stainless steel. 

ATLAS-SSI stop logs can be customized with lifting beams that feature automatic engagement and disengagement when placing or removing modules. The modules can be equipped with relief valves to equalize pressure for easy removal. 

Storage racks for vertical storage are designed to prevent seal damage and to make it easy to connect to the lifting device.