Acquisition broadens portfolio with stainless-steel screens and valves that enable cooling tower operators to reduce costs while improving reliability. 

Monticello, MS, January 5, 2023 – Atlas-SSI, the largest traveling water screen and bulk material handling manufacturer in North America, today announced it has acquired Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC., based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The acquisition broadens the Atlas-SSI portfolio with a new line of screens and specialty valves that enable industrial facilities with cooling towers to lower the overall cost of unit operation while improving reliability. 

Traveling sump screens play a critical role in preventing debris from damaging the components of industrial cooling towers. If debris reaches the pump and impedes the flow of water, temperature in the operating unit will increase, and performance will be reduced. In addition, pump motors will use more energy to generate adequate water flow levels, resulting in higher operating costs and C02 emissions.

“This acquisition further strengthens our leading portfolio of screen solutions that remove plastics and debris from water sources to protect the environment and critical infrastructure assets,” said Paul Lewis, CEO of Atlas-SSI. “The team at Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC. is well-respected in the industry, and we are excited to add their expertise to our family.”  

The Vari-Flow™ lines of stainless-steel traveling sump screens and flow control valves have been operating in the industrial cooling tower industry for over 26 years. Traveling sump screens offers a simple and “maintenance-free” solution to help prevent downstream heat exchanger and condenser fouling while providing the benefits of manual or automated operation. Specialty control valves balance the flow of water to prevent vibration, optimizing the cooling tower’s performance for even heat transfer across the tower, thereby mitigating the need for continual adjustment, repair and replacement.

Brad Knecht, President of Cooling Tower Valves & Screens LLC., said, “We look forward to being part of the Atlas-SSI family and leveraging their distribution, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to continue to provide long-lasting, high-quality products to our customers.”

About Atlas-SSI

Atlas-SSI is the largest full-service manufacturer of raw water intake equipment, traveling water screens, 316(b) fish-friendly screens and trash rake systems in North America. Certified field service and dive teams support turnkey installations, on-site maintenance, inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance. The Atlas-SSI material handling division designs and builds high-performance industrial clamshell buckets and grapples that meet strict industry standards and are trusted at many of the largest port facilities and dredging companies. To learn more, visit

About Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC. Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC. has been serving the industrial cooling tower industry in North America for over 26 years.  Specializing in solutions for refinery and petrochemical facilities, the company has earned a reputation for products that are unsurpassed in quality, performance and life expectancy.  The Vari-Flow™ line of stainless-steel screens and valves are engineered, manufactured and serviced from its headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA.  To learn more, visit