Atlas-SSI was contacted by a client about engineering and manufacturing specialty designed bar racks for a unique installation. The client specializes in commercial dive jobs primarily using ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and the project was in Puerto Rico at a hydro-electric power generation facility. The existing bar racks at the facility were damaged and were allowing debris to pass into the system. The only way to access the existing bar racks which were 335 feet below ground level, was via a 48-inch vertical pipe, so diving was not an option and the installation had to be done with an ROV.

The bar racks had to be designed to be dropped thru the 48” pipe and once in the water, had to be lowered in place with the use of air bags that made the pieces lite enough for the ROV to guide the pieces in place. A specially designed stand/frame had to be put in place to support the racks. The frame was designed with folding arms and zip screws that the ROV could jack in place. Each frame section was equipped with rotating clips to hold the frames in place, as the clips had to be turned by the ROV with its special sock arm. In addition, there had to be a trap door for the ROV to exit once all racks were in place, because installation had to take place from the intake side of the pipe. The ROV basically shuts the door once the job is done and leaves the site. This is just another example of how Atlas-SSI engineers think outside the box to help solve client challenges.


Puerto Rico