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Atlas-SSI manufactures, rebuilds, and rents high-quality material handling buckets and grapples that meet and exceed industry standards. Our American-made products deliver unprecedented value and comply with the Buy America, Build America Act (BABAA).

We custom-build and supply parts for all clamshell, grapple, and continuous unloader buckets in capacities ranging from ¼ to over 60 yards. With cutting-edge designs and unmatched expertise, our buckets and grapples excel in challenging environments.

a cooling tower screen


  • Protect downstream equipment
  • Heavy-duty
  • Simple, yet effective design
  • Several available configurations
  • Reduced maintenance


  • Helps improve cooling tower & equipment lifespan
  • Enhances cooling performance
  • Reduces risk of unscheduled repairs or downtime
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA from high-quality components

Frequently Asked Questions About Cooling Tower Screens

Atlas-SSI cooling tower screens help prevent debris and contaminants from reaching and befouling critical cooling tower infrastructure parts. This helps to contribute to the overall lifespan of the tower significantly.

We designed our cooling tower screens to have limited maintenance requirements and reduce overall downtime.

You can prevent cooling pump and heat exchanger efficiency problems by replacing your existing sump screen with an Atlas-SSI one. We designed our screens to avoid issues that can cause costly downtime and shutdowns.

A traveling cooling tower screen uses a mesh screen that can be rotated as needed to capture and remove debris within a cooling tower.  Stationary screens remain in place and eventually accumulate a build-up of debris and need to be cleaned.  Traveling screens can easily replace stationary screens and mitigate the costly downtime that is required to clean and maintain static filters.

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