Delivering Multiple Raw Water Screens Under a Tight Timeline

A large utility in the Northeast purchased six new screens from a competing manufacturer, completed the exhaustive engineering and approval process and was all set for installation, when the manufacturer notified them that they would not be able to meet the delivery date. The delivery date was critical because they required the new screens heading into the debris season.

The utility contacted Atlas-SSI and asked how quickly six brand new screens could be built, shipped and installed. Upon receiving the call, the Atlas-SSI team consisting of operations, engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing sat down and ran through every scenario from approval drawing to final assembly and delivery. The team developed a detailed plan which met the raw water intake screen needs of the utility and guaranteed delivery in just six weeks.

The utility put a tremendous amount of trust in the Atlas-SSI team and issued an emergency purchase order for the six new screens which were built, shipped and installed prior to their deadline.

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